Best Budz Box

Quality and care in every box


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Best Budz box varieties

Example of a mystery OG Budz box

Up to 10 mystery items can come in a box ranging from rolling papers to glass pipes

Example of a mystery Lady Budz box

Lady Budz boxes can come with exclusive mystery products like bath bombs, scrunches with zipper compartments, decorative stash containers, pink products, etc.

Example of a mystery Green Budz box

A Green Budz box offers an eco friendly option without plastic or silicone products

"I bought this as a gift for my brother for Christmas and let me tell you, he’s not easily impressed let alone I’ve seen him smile maybe twice a year. When he opened it, he wasn’t expecting such a magnificent gathering of weed paraphernalia and stickers of his liking. This kid had the biggest smile on his face and it lasted for a solid 10 min. Fantastic quality, great product choice and everything a stoner could need as a starter kit or for an addition to a collection. 100% recommended, thank you so much best buds!"


I got this as a Christmas gift for my best friend and she was surprised in the best way possible. I don't smoke so I wouldn't have had any idea how to go about getting this stuff, so I would recommend this to anyone looking for a surprise. 10/10


I love my box!! Mar was so helpful and understanding when it came to setting up a box that fit my aesthetic. She will work with you if you would like and try to make something you or your gift recipient will love. If you have any issues with your box, contact them right away because I got an instant response back and she is determined to make something you’ll love.